Reflections on the Future

I am incredibly proud to announce that I am now an aunt again (times four)!! Garrett John Eichler was born on April 23rd at 9:57 AM (Eastern time, so 3:57 PM here in Europe) and weighed in at a whopping 9 lbs 4 oz. Félicitations to my big brother Greg and his amazing wife TIffany! […]

Une Belle Journée

It’s been a few days since we had 25 degrees and sunshine (trying to get my celsius down over here in Europe, that’s around 77 degrees Fahrenheit) so Brittany and I wanted to make the most of our beautiful day on Wednesday. In an effort to have an authentic Parisian tourist experience and enjoy the […]

Le Marais

I’m finding that it is important to diversify my daily excursions to Paris. One day a trip through a historic cathedral, another day might be a quiet stroll through a park, days of intense learning at world class museums, and occasionally a thorough examination of Paris’ many neighborhoods. Monday was one such day, where Brittany […]

Notre-Dame de Reims

Because we all know how obsessed I am with historic cathedrals, it should come as no surprise that my visit to Reims (pronounced Rahnce) this past weekend would produce a post focusing on its phenomenal Gothic church. Besides being known for the production of champagne, I would argue that Notre-Dame de Reims is the next […]

Champagne – Oh là là

No stay in France would be complete without the consumption of some champagne. I’m not even much of a champagne fan, but since the Champagne region of France is so close to Paris, I decided that a weekend in the land of bubbly was well worth it. I joined a Meetup group leaving from Paris […]

Pourquoi un Professeur?

As the first week of my English tutoring experience comes to a close, I figured it was time to reflect upon what brought me to this point and what I have learned so far. I already wrote about why I decided to come to France, but haven’t addressed the question of why tutoring English seemed […]


If you ever find yourself in Paris for a few days, I would highly recommend at least a half-day trip to the quaint neighborhood of Montmartre. At 130 meters high, and located in the 18th arrondissement of Paris, this hill towers over the rest of the city and provides an experience unlike any other quartier. […]

Cuisine française

Disclaimer: The post you are about to read is not a scientific study, has no proof to support it and is basically the observations of an American girl in France for less than a week…take it with a grain of sel! In my preparations for 10 weeks abroad in France, I started to read A […]